The Crown season 6: Everything we know so far


The Final Chapter: Season 6 marks the end of the iconic series, concluding the captivating journey through the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

New Faces: Imelda Staunton takes the throne as the Queen, while Jonathan Pryce steps into Prince Philip's role, promising fresh perspectives on these characters.

Historical Milestones: Expect the show to cover pivotal moments, such as Princess Diana's tragic death and the early 2000s, adding depth to the narrative.

Prince William and Harry: The next generation of royals will likely feature prominently, shedding light on their evolving relationships with the monarchy.

Changing Political Landscape: With the dawn of the 21st century, viewers can anticipate how the royal family navigates modern political challenges.

Scandals and Controversies: The show is bound to delve into the controversies and scandals that have rocked the royal family in recent years.

Evolving Fashion: Witness the stunning period costumes and fashion, reflecting the changing styles and trends of the 21st century.