The true story behind 'Tampongate' in The Crown season 5


Historical Accuracy: The Crown Season 5 delves into the controversial 'Tampongate' incident involving Princess Diana, but how accurate is it?

The Real Incident: 'Tampongate' refers to rumors that Diana, while on a royal tour, planted tampons in Prince Charles' briefcase to embarrass him.

Unsubstantiated Claims: Despite the scandal's notoriety, there's little concrete evidence to support these allegations.

Diana's Struggles: The series portrays Diana's isolation and her attempts to navigate her tumultuous marriage with Prince Charles.

The Media's Role: The episode highlights how the media played a significant role in amplifying 'Tampongate' rumors.

Royal Reactions: What did the royal family think about the controversy at the time?

The Aftermath: Discover how the 'Tampongate' scandal impacted Princess Diana's relationship with the public and the monarchy.