The 7 Worst Beers In The World

The 7 Worst Beers In The World

Bud Light: Bud Light Is Often Criticized For Its Very Mild Flavor Lack Of Complexity And Perceived Simplicity.

Natural Light: Natural Light Is A Budget Beer That'S Often Criticized For Its Taste And Quality With Some Finding It Lacking In Flavor.

Coors Light: Coors Light Like Other Light Beers Is Known For Its Mild Taste Which Can Be Seen As A Drawback By Those Who Prefer More Robust And Flavorful Brews.

Pabst Blue Ribbon (Pbr): Pbr Has Faced Criticism For Being Associated With Hipster Culture And For Being Perceived As More About Branding Than Taste.

Budweiser: While It'S A Very Popular Beer Some Beer Enthusiasts Find Budweiser'S Flavor To Be Too Light And Lacking In Complexity Compared To Craft Beers.

Corona Extra: Corona Extra Has Been Criticized For Its Light And Somewhat Skunky Flavor Often Attributed To The Clear Glass Bottle.

Keystone Light: Keystone Light Another Budget Beer Is Often Noted For Its Mild Taste Which May Not Appeal To Those Seeking A More Robust Beer.

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