‘Suits’ Companion Series in the Works at NBCUniversal


A Fresh Legal Drama: The new companion series to 'Suits' promises a fresh take on the legal drama genre, offering fans a new perspective on the legal world they love.

Different Characters, Same Universe: While it won't feature the original 'Suits' cast, the new series will be set in the same 'Suits' universe, providing a sense of continuity and familiarity.

Expanding the 'Suits' Legacy: This spinoff aims to expand the rich 'Suits' universe, delving into untold stories and offering a deeper look into the legal machinations.

New Faces and Complex Cases: Expect a new ensemble of talented actors, along with complex legal cases that will keep viewers hooked, much like the original series.

NBCUniversal's Commitment: With NBCUniversal behind the project, fans can rest assured that this companion series will receive the attention and resources it deserves, ensuring a captivating addition to the 'Suits' world.