"Suits: Behind the Scenes" - A documentary-style series on the making of the original "Suits" and its spin-offs.


"Pearson Specter Litt: The Next Generation" – Imagine a spin-off following the lives of young, ambitious lawyers mentored by the original cast, continuing the legacy of the firm.

"Louis Litt, Esq." – A comedic spin-off focusing on Louis Litt's journey as a managing partner with his quirky antics and endearing character.

"Jessica Pearson: International Legal Icon" – Explore Jessica's adventures as she takes on high-stakes cases worldwide, showcasing her legal prowess and fierce determination.

"Harvey Specter: Back in the Courtroom" – Harvey returns to his roots as a trial lawyer, navigating complex legal battles while juggling his personal life.

"Suits: The College Years" – A prequel series revealing the early lives and friendships of our favorite characters during law school.

"Donna Paulsen: Private Investigator" – Follow Donna's journey as she opens her private investigation firm, solving cases with her unparalleled intuition.

"Mike Ross: Legal Consultant" – Mike's post-prison life as a legal consultant, helping ex-convicts navigate the legal system and find redemption.