Netflix is getting its fans tattooed, these are the venues and date


Los Angeles, CA (November 10, 2023): The City of Angels welcomes Netflix fans to ink their love for hit series.

New York City, NY (December 5, 2023): The Big Apple hosts a tattoo extravaganza for Netflix aficionados.

Austin, TX (January 15, 2024): The Live Music Capital of the World rocks with Netflix-inspired tattoos.

Chicago, IL (February 20, 2024): Windy City residents can proudly display their Netflix fandom.

London, UK (March 8, 2024): Across the pond, Netflix enthusiasts can join the tattoo trend.

Sydney, Australia (April 12, 2024): Down under, Netflix fans can get inked in style.

Toronto, Canada (May 6, 2024): Canadians can show their love for Netflix at this special event.

Tokyo, Japan (June 22, 2024): Netflix's global reach extends to Tokyo, where fans can get unique tattoos.