Navigating the World of Sugar Alcohols on a Keto Diet


Understanding Sugar Alcohols: Explore erythritol, xylitol, and sorbitol as keto-friendly alternatives.

1. Impact on Blood Sugar: Learn how sugar alcohols affect insulin levels. 2. Caloric Content Matters: Be mindful of hidden calories in sugar alcohols.

1. Digestive Tolerance Varies: Discover which sugar alcohols may cause digestive issues. 2. Ideal Sugar Alcohol Ratios: Mix sweeteners for a balanced taste.

1. Natural vs. Synthetic Options: Differentiate between natural and artificial sugar alcohols. 2. Baking with Sugar Alcohols: Master the art of keto-friendly desserts.

1. Hidden Sources of Sugar Alcohols: Uncover unexpected sources in processed foods. 2. Individual Reactions: Recognize personal tolerance levels and adjust consumption accordingly.

Monitoring Net Carbs: Track net carbs accurately when incorporating sugar alcohols.