Keto Meal Plan For Gymnasts During Competition Season 2023

Keto Meal Plan For Gymnasts During Competition Season

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Start The Day Right: Kick Off Your Competition Day With A Keto-Friendly Breakfast Like Avocado And Eggs To Provide Sustained Energy.

Lean Protein Power: Opt For Lean Protein Sources Like Chicken Turkey Or Fish To Support Muscle Recovery And Strength.

Nutrient-Packed Greens: Incorporate Leafy Greens Such As Spinach Or Kale For Vitamins Minerals And Fiber To Maintain Overall Health.

Healthy Fats For Energy: Avocado Nuts And Olive Oil Can Provide The Healthy Fats Needed For Long-Lasting Energy.

Low-Carb Snacking: Snack On Cucumber Slices Cheese Or Jerky To Keep Your Energy Levels Stable Throughout The Day.

Hydration Is Key: Stay Well-Hydrated With Water And Electrolyte-Rich Beverages To Prevent Cramps And Maintain Focus.

Balanced Macros: Ensure A Balance Of Macronutrients - Protein Fats And Minimal Carbs To Keep Your Body In Ketosis. Read More Read More