Fiber and Magnesium Rich Lunch Ideas: Make in 5 Min 


Spinach and Chickpea Salad: Whip up a nutritious salad by tossing fresh spinach, chickpeas, diced bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes. Drizzle with a lemon vinaigrette for a burst of flavor and an extra magnesium kick.

Quinoa and Black Bean Bowl: Combine cooked quinoa with black beans, corn, diced avocado, and a sprinkle of cheese. Season with a pinch of paprika and cumin for a fiber-rich, magnesium-loaded lunch.

Sweet Potato and Lentil Wrap: Spread hummus on a whole-grain tortilla, add roasted sweet potato slices, cooked lentils, and a handful of baby spinach. Roll it up for a portable, fiber-packed delight.

Tuna and White Bean Salad: Mix canned tuna, white beans, chopped cucumbers, red onions, and parsley. Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice for a quick, high-magnesium lunch.

Avocado and Edamame Sushi Bowl: Create a deconstructed sushi bowl by combining diced avocado, edamame beans, brown rice, and seaweed. Drizzle with low-sodium soy sauce and enjoy a magnesium-rich, fiber-filled meal in minutes.