‘The Crown’ Season 6 Makes its Royal Return For the Final Time This Fall


The Grand Finale: "The Crown" Season 6 marks the majestic conclusion to an epic saga chronicling the British monarchy.

A Stellar Cast: Immerse yourself in the world of royalty with a stellar cast, including Olivia Colman, Jonathan Pryce, and more.

Historical Accuracy: Expect historical accuracy as the show delves into pivotal moments in Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

Princess Diana's Legacy: This season explores the legacy of Princess Diana, portrayed brilliantly by Elizabeth Debicki.

Turbulent Times: Dive into the turbulent times of the 1990s, as the royal family faces crises and changes.

Margaret Thatcher: Gillian Anderson reprises her role as Margaret Thatcher, offering a gripping portrayal of the Iron Lady.

Intriguing Storylines: Discover the intricate royal relationships, political drama, and personal struggles that define the era.