8 Tv Characters Who Ruined The Entire Show

8 Tv Characters Who Ruined The Entire Show

Scrappy-Doo In "Scooby-Doo": Scrappy-Doo Is Often Cited As A Character Whose Introduction Changed The Dynamic Of The Show And Was Met With Mixed Reactions From Fans.

Cousin Oliver In "The Brady Bunch": Cousin Oliver'S Arrival In The Final Season Of The Show Is Often Associated With The Series' Decline In Popularity.

Nellie Oleson In "Little House On The Prairie": Nellie'S Character Known For Her Mean-Spirited Behavior Received Criticism For Becoming Overly One-Dimensional.

Dana Brody In "Homeland": Dana'S Character And Storylines In The Later Seasons Of The Series Were Divisive And Seen By Some As Detracting From The Main Plot.

Nikki And Paolo In "Lost": These Characters Introduced In The Third Season Of "Lost" Were Widely Panned For Feeling Out Of Place And Not Contributing Meaningfully To The Show'S Central Mysteries.

Lana Lang In "Smallville": Lana'S Character Was Criticized For Her Melodramatic Storylines And For Sometimes Overshadowing The Show'S Core Focus On Clark Kent'S Journey.

Andrea In "The Walking Dead": Andrea'S Character Arc And Decision-Making Were Polarizing Among Fans And Affected Their Engagement With The Series.

Nellie Bertram In "The Office": Nellie'S Character Introduction In The Later Seasons Received Mixed Reviews With Some Viewers Finding Her Disruptive To The Show'S Established Dynamic.