8 Thankfully Extinct Animals

8 Thankfully Extinct Animals

Dodo Bird : The Flightless Dodo Bird Native To The Island Of Mauritius Became Extinct In The Late 17Th Century.

Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) : The Thylacine A Marsupial Carnivore Was Driven To Extinction In The Early 20Th Century Due To Habitat Loss And Hunting.

Steller'S Sea Cow : These Large Marine Mammals Once Found In The Bering Sea Went Extinct In The 18Th Century Due To Overhunting By Sailors And Explorers.

Great Auk : Great Auks Large Flightless Birds Were Heavily Hunted For Their Feathers And Became Extinct In The Mid-19Th Century.

Carolina Parakeet : The Carolina Parakeet The Only Parrot Species Native To The Eastern United States Was Declared Extinct In 1939 Due To Habitat Destruction And Hunting.

Passenger Pigeon : The Passenger Pigeon Once One Of The Most Numerous Bird Species In North America Was Hunted To Extinction In The Early 20Th Century.

Quagga : The Quagga A Subspecies Of The Plains Zebra Was Native To South Africa And Became Extinct In The Late 19Th Century Due To Overhunting.

Aurochs : The Aurochs A Wild Ancestor Of Modern Cattle Went Extinct In The Early 17Th Century Due To Hunting And Habitat Loss.