7 Traditional American Recipes That Foreigners Can'T Handle

7 Traditional American Recipes That Foreigners Can'T Handle

Deepfried butter a heartstopping delicacy where butter is battered and fried to a golden crisp foreigners are often left in shock at the idea of frying butter

Biscuits And Gravy : This Southern Favorite Combines Fluffy Biscuits With A Creamy Sausage-Laden Gravy. The Combination Of Savory And Flaky Isn'T For The Faint Of Heart.

Chitlins: Pig Intestines Are A Staple In Some Southern American Cuisines. The Unique Texture And Flavor Make It A Challenge For Many Foreign Palates.

Rocky Mountain Oysters : Despite The Name These "Oysters" Are Actually Fried Bull Testicles. A Daring Dish That Leaves Many Foreigners Wide-Eyed.

Grits: A Creamy Dish Made From Ground Corn Often Served With Butter And Cheese. The Texture And Taste Can Be Perplexing To Those Unaccustomed To It.

Jell-O Salad: A Sweet-Savory Concoction Featuring Jell-O Vegetables And Sometimes Even Mayonnaise. Foreigners Often Struggle With The Combination Of Ingredients.

Hotdish: A Midwestern Favorite This Casserole-Like Dish Combines Ground Meat Vegetables And A Layer Of Tater Tots.

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