6 Largest Horse Breeds In The World

6 Largest Horse Breeds In The World

Shire Horse: Shire Horses Are One Of The Largest Horse Breeds In The World. They Are Known For Their Enormous Size And Strength.

Belgian draft horse belgian draft horses are also among the largest horse breeds

Clydesdale Horse: Clydesdale Horses Are Best Known For Their Use In Budweiser Beer Advertisements.

Percheron Horse: Percheron Horses Are Large Draft Horses That Originated In Western France Part Of The Perche Region From Which The Breed Takes Its Name.

Suffolk Punch: Suffolk Punch Horses Are A Rare And Ancient Breed That Originated In England. They Are Heavy Draft Horses With A Characteristic Chestnut Color.

Dutch draft horse nederlandse trekpaard the dutch draft horse also known as the nederlandse trekpaard is a large draft horse breed from the netherlands

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